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I am a Colorado native having grown up in Denver where I currently live with my husband and our pets whom we refer to as our 'furry babies'. My passions include collecting all kinds of ceramic art as well as a variety of two-dimensional artwork. I also spend some of my time working at a chocolate shop which has unleashed my other passion, that for sweet confections. My tour through Europe in 2000 really sparked my fondness for sweets and has since become as close to a hobby as I get.

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a love of clay. The first pottery class that I had was in early elementary school and later my teacher in high school, Mrs. Williams, rekindled that passion. It was then that I decided to go to college to study the arts. I considered attending the University of Colorado, but since the program there focused on functional ceramics, I decided to attend the Metropolitan State College of Denver where an emphasis on sculptural ceramics was more prevalent. After studying under Roger Lang at Metro, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in ceramics.

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Adrienne Johnson
Artist Statement

"The process of making art in ceramics contains hidden surprises that continue to open doors to my inspiration and keep me drawn to the work.

Ceramics is a tactile process that takes time and patience to produce a finished piece. Having my hands around a slab of clay always makes me content. When a pot goes into the kiln any number of reactions can occur. It's my partnership with the unknowable that makes a pot turn out exactly the way it does, always a bit of a surprise.

Since my first series of functional teapots, I have explored lidded vessels, rocking vessels, plain intersecting handles and now two sided vases.

The vases combine two to three geometric shapes, but are left organic. Many of the vases receive a carved texture as well as pattern and design. I may choose to repeat the shape of the vase or carve a complimentary geometric design on the surface. Many times I will choose one pattern for one side of a vase and a different design for the remaining side, resulting in my vases being reversible. The combination of graphic shape, design, and color in my work gives it a playful, art deco style.

The process of this media always has something new to offer, and it is this aspect of the art that attracts me, and broadens my awareness."